In 1966 the filmmaker Hilary Harris, known as pioneer of timelapse photography, created the film Nine Variations on a Dance Theme where the dancer Bettie de Jong is dancing a 50 seconds dance phrase shooted in 9 different ways. RED Variations on a Dance Theme is a film exercise to compare the fragmentation of the body with the continuity of dance motion, filming the same choreography 9 times from the same point of view, creating a work focused on the inabilty of framing the dance perception.

a film by Jacopo Jenna
project collaboration / Ramona Caia
choreography / Jari Boldrini & Ramona Caia
dance / Jari Boldrini
music and sound design / Luca Scapellato LSKA
lights design / Gabriele Termine (luceattiva)
direction/editing Jacopo Jenna

Thanks to spazioK_Kinkaleri