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Musician, sound designer, video artist.I graduated in Sociology at the University of Padua and in 2012 I got the ”Interactive Music Technician for Digital Arts” diploma at the School for Advanced Musical Studies of Saluzzo (CN).
Starting from the study of musical improvisation and combining it with the passion for computer science, I developed my interest in experimentation based on interactive systems for creating electronic music and audiovisual performances, focused primarily on the interaction between music and image, between computer/tool and user and the relationships that arise during improvisation between musicians and performers.

I realise interactive installations and audiovisual settings for art exhibitions, music festivals, and performances. I compose and perform music for theatre, dance and videos, working with established realities of the Italian scene: Vicenza Jazz, Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, Tam Teatromusica, Company Ariella Vidach – AiEP,  and young independent dancers and choreographers Camilla Monga, Giorgia Nardin, Marco d’Agostin, Jacopo Jenna, Olimpia Fortuni.

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