Experiments, works in progress, tests and fun…

A Lo-Fi Space Exploration by Camilla Monga and Luca Scapellato.Cast: LSKA and camilla monga [...]
Experiment in making visuals originated from FFT analysis of audio.Cast: LSKATags: experimental and work in progress [...]
Installazione interattiva di Luca Scapellato La musica esiste in funzione del tempo. Se il tempo si fermasse, non ci sarebbe [...]
Cast: LSKA [...]
A mapping interface built in Max/JitterCast: LSKATags: tools, video and jitter [...]
Interactive installation inspired by the theories of Alexander Scrjabin.Cast: LSKATags: interactive and work in progress [...]
Interactive "touch-sensitive" sounding wall. First test.Cast: LSKA [...]
Cast: LSKA [...]
(English Below) =IT= Una performance di danza interattiva. Coreografia: Camilla Monga Audio interattivo e programmazione: Luca Scapellato La musica è [...]
Generative visuals based on audio analysis. Bulit in Max. Music by Brandumize ( LSKATags: experimental, work in progress, [...]
live camera capture and mesh conversionCast: LSKATags: processing, ableton and max for live [...]