Interactive installation for ENTER – Smart Humans

The work, realized by Project ENTER’s Artistic Group, is the result a path shared by 12 creatives: Alessandro Martinello, Alessio Navarra, Enrico Previato, Giorgia Poletto, Jonathan De Checchi, Luca Scapellato, Marco Zocca, Massimiliano Rossetto, Nadir Mognato, Nicola Lotto, Riccardo Franchi, Valentina Bazzanella.

An experience of collective conception and realisation. A small group that, in a limited time, after having collected ideas and tools from the training courses offered by project ENTER – Smart Humans, developed a piece of art and gave it back to the citizens of the neighbourhood of Mortise, Padua.

An interactive installation asking the participating audience not to be just a spectator, but also bear and produce content.

The installation, in the shape of a large cube, is a “talking” and “living” work. To participate people are invited to answer the question “what am I doing here?”, indefinite question about their presence in the territory, in society, in the universality.
This is the first exchange: the recorded answer becomes the gift of the participant, transformed into code to define the rules of the common game.
This is the key: the code is printed on the ticket that allows access, it is the gift that the installation will return. It makes you become part of the whole, listening to your own voice between the voices of many.
This is the environment: the installation looks at you, it speaks to you: by entering you’re taking part in the game of identity blending with the others.